You fill what you define.

“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.”
― Michelangelo Buonarroti

I have had an interesting concept running around in my head with travelling.

When I go to an ATM at the end of another country I have visited there is always a quandary of how much money to withdraw (which costs me $5 every time I go).

But understand this. No matter what I do it always tends to work out perfectly.

I had this same concept when I have visited Indonesia recently. I was in a dilemma on how much to withdraw. Call it an innate intuition, but I withdrew the money almost exactly (apart from the fact I did not getcharged $20 at the airport for tax like I thought I would).

I wonder then if your subconscious mind then goes to work on rationalising that exact money so you don’t over or under spend. I think so.

I thought of this as a concept and the above quote.

What if life expands the same way. What if you thought of some big goal and expanded it even further beyond your wildest dreams. Life can then fill in the gaps.

Why would life expand on something small? That’s all you have asked for. If I ask you for $20, that’s all you are going to give me right? But if I ask for $100, even if I do not get that amount of money, it will be higher than the original $20. Rejection is better than regret. Ask and you will receive.

This is a concept that is totally logical.

But most people don’t do this. They get content with a job they don’t really like, doing things they don’t want to do, to fund a lifestyle that is not making them happy. They have a routine and make a settlelment with themselves. They are not happy but justify it.

Why don’t you expand on your dreams. Your subconscious mind will then go to work on the new, expanded model. Even if the dream or goal does not come to fruition as planned, you will enjoy the journey, and not regret you have not fulfilled your potential. You will become a better person than one who is risk averse and in a boring, stale routine, learning nothing.


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