You can achieve whatever you want.

Firstly i want to open with this….

This quote was derived from by Jenni Wong and you can find it here


I am a true believer that you can have anything you want if you believe and work hard, be curious and commit to ongoing personal development. We are born into this world a huge bundle of potentiality, and it is encouraged for us to dream. As we get older we are encouraged to play it safe, do what is the social norm and get a stable job and save for the future. I am all about saving and building wise wealth. But you also need to cultivate your dreams. Because dreams are there for a reason. And if you become an expert in something wealth will follow. As motivational speaker Les Brown says. “Your dreams are possible, and they are necessary”. As humans we are goal seeking beings, who need to develop constantly. However what happens all to often we get stuck doing the same thing over and over and wonder why we are unhappy. Fear, not our dreams, drive us.

So live your dreams. Read the books on your subject of interest, become a legend. Do you know how to increase your productivity? No use talking about how you want your dreams and then spend 2 hours of valuable time watching the television.

I hope I can add value to your life as I continue to learn about mine. Feel free to add to this, I am in a constant process of learning and love to learn off others.

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