You are where you are meant to be..

Where are you going?

“You are meant to be where you are for your stage in life”.

Often, as I have done, you can look back on life and start pondering. As my knee is playing up, I ask myself, “What has taken me so long to take action or get it sorted out?”. Now it is still an issue.

As I look at myself with my music I often muse that I should be further developed. I should have done more. What have I been doing the last 10 years?

But I have to keep reminding myself. This is the process of life. Our brain will do this. Over the course of my journey with my knee I have not always had a desire to be active. I was travelling the world, DJing a lot and it was not a priority. Now it is, I can lambaste myself but that is missing the point. The point was that it was not a big enough priority for it to be sorted at the time. Life gets in the way. I see people having surgery after surgery and did not want that to be me. Now I know the time is right due to my past experiences.

The same with music. I have come from a non musical background. I went to SAE in 2006. I have watched people rise and fall and there be a dramatic change in the industry by people who are bold and brash, willing to take risks. Should i have done it differently? Well it was the right thing at that point in my life.

Life isn’t always a straight line and often doesn’t end up exactly how you plan it to. Just because you aren’t at that “place” you thought you should be doesn’t mean you aren’t on track. Just because you didn’t attain the goal you envisioned doesn’t mean you are a failure.

The important thing is to live in the present. And if you are not happy with your progress, change for the better now. Don’t reminisce on the past. Because that has built a foundation for your present self to make the necessary changes.


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