You already have it.

Most people go around searching for the next big thing. Something external to make them better.

There is a revelation have found and it is this. You have everything you need to succeed. You just need to uncover it. You uncover it by meeting the right people, by exposing yourself in the right areas. And clear and dedicated practise.

If you have a clear definition of who you want to become there is no need to be anxious. Because you will get there. However you need to know exactly what you want.

For many people bitching about what they do not want (90% of people), most people cannot clearly define what they do want. Can you define what you really want in this world?

When I treat patients with pain, the people who do well take it on themselves to rectify the situation. They realise that they have the power to get better, not a pill, not a machine. That dedication and focus is all that they need and harnessing a willpower to succeed, they take back their power, rewrite their stories and literally change their life.

The same goes for music. Once you realise that there isn’t a plugin that is going to make the music for you, that is not going to make you David Guetta overnight and understand that practise and dedication will “bring out” your sound, it releases a certain power. When i stopped looking for the next big plugin, which took ages to do skimming magazines and visiting websites, I soon spent more time learning a few key plugins and increasing the quality of my output.

If we stop looking outside ourselves for someone to fix us, we realise that we have everything we need to succeed. The only thing is changing the mindset to realise this.

Peace out

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