Why you must make bad music before good music.

Howdy y’all,

This is a music post to all the producers out there like me.

I was settling into my Bangkok hotel last night flicking through some old tracks I had on private on sound cloud. Lets just say they were private for a reason! I remember when i bounced them down thinking they were finished. Nope, Nope, Nope!!

As I listened a lot of ideas were coming into my head, I wondered how I could improve. Constant practise and learning is the answer. It’s how the so called “geniuses” get there. By learning, refining their art and never giving up.

There are many setbacks when you want to achieve something. The emerging field of genius and neuroplasticity tells us that no-one is “born” great. It’s through hard work and dedication and years and years of practise that you get to become great. Years and years of making bad music in order to find that sound.

Did you low Mozart did not start writing (not playing) his most famous work until he was 20 years old. That is 20 years of practise, day in and day out (as he started so young). Andre Agassi’s father built a tennis court in the back of the home in Nevada and made him hit 2000 tennis balls every day. Day in, day out. He figured if you hit 1 million tennis balls in a year you will be number one. However Andre lost his first 2 grand slam finals. So failure is part of success. And he also did not win until his early twenties.

Finally I look at Tim Cahill’s wonder strike against the Netherlands in the world cup. Fluke? No way, that strike was a culmination of practise EVERY single day for 15 years as a professional footballer.

Not getting the sound you want? It is not a denial, you need to refine your skills. This surely goes for me as well. I believe you can get there if you don’t give up and be a beacon for constant learning.

Do you agree?

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