Why you aren’t getting what you want.

Are you not getting what you want? Well there will be a reason for that. But the purpose of this post is to make you realise only you can change that….

So last night after my usual Thursday night boxing class i stumbled home, ate and flicked on the box for some mind numbing relaxation. However SBS here in Melbourne never fails me (one of the non commercial networks here in Australia)). The show i bumped across was of Vietnemese born and Australian raised chef and host, Luke Nguyen. This particular episode was a synopsis of the people and experiences he had whilst he travelled in Southern Vietnam. The people he met, his experiences connecting with his relatives some of whom he had never met before, the places, scenery and culture he experienced. It was a fascinating insight into a culture i have not visited myself personally. As i watched more intently i noticed a certain pattern of behaviour from the locals and this ties in with my most recent experience from Thailand. Its something i think we all can learn from.

This is a fundamental difference between East and West culture. As i watched the program i saw 70 year old ladies kneading thick dough and taking 10 minute turns because it was so strenuous. No i phone to distract them, no internet and no begrudging manner. They have to do it in order to survive. But they take responsibility for this and do not blame anyone. They have to because there is no state to help them. Often if things get hard in the West we are not willing to fight for what we want. We become blaming and find the smallest excuse externally for our shortcomings. Not getting any DJ gigs? Well it’s the promoters fault for not liking me. There are too many DJ’s around. Nothing in this world worth any salt can come without some element of work and hardship and willingness to fight and sacrifice. In the east people have to manoeuvre hard for their territory to survive, its cut throat and just as competitive. And yet this is a way of life and accepted. there is no blame culture.

What also struck me was when Luke was cooking in the street, there was a motorbike accident. And as Luke commented, there was no animosity, people checked whether everyone was ok. Then they recommenced their lives

I recently visited Thailand and the massage therapists there work from 10am till 11pm and only get paid for the clients they see. When i asked the young lady whether she enjoyed her job she said ‘yes it is a good job’. Amazing! They still found time to go out, have fun at night and generally be happy. They have no state to fall back on. It is their responsibility and they take it.

So are you being too passive? Nothing of value comes easily. Not finding the right path, then change direction and look for other avenues to explore. Take reponsibility, do not blame it on anything else. And have fun most of all!

What do you think?

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