Why you are not getting what you want.

It’s amazing how reading something can get you motivated.

I happened to purchase a book yesterday of the importance of a good website. So it kicked me right into giving the eltonsmithmusic.com website an upgrade. What I learnt:

1. If you buy material, as I did this book, it carries extra meaning and you are literally more likely to implement.
2. Have a good reference. As with music, when I always have a reference track to compare my mix to, this time I modelled my website to The Eternal’s website. Mel O’Shea, the singer who I have been working with recently, has her husband in the band. I was so impressed that I modelled my redesign off that website. Check out the Eternal’s website here
3. Things are not as hard as they seem if you just start.
4. The importance of having good artwork and graphics. That’s the medium we are dealing with so why not? It is like having good one shots and samples for your production
5. The importance of getting other people’s opinions. Mel O’Shea offered some small design tips which improved the outlook. Luke Driessen warned me to make it mobile friendly.
6. The importance of having a good, professional look and the ability to clearly offer your service/product.
7. The importance of being specific in what you do. I had to action the suggestions in this book. Yyou have to give energy to your goals in order for them to become a reality.

Did I miss anything?
You can purchase my new album “Waiting Around Here” at the following locations. Literally purchasing material gives a higher meaning and value to the product.

Bancamp here
Beatport here
Traxsource here

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