Why so many deaths at festivals?

It’s with great horror i see another death at a festival over the weekend. This time at Defqon.1 in Sydney, Australia. It is at least the 4th or 5th time that i can recall such news coming to me this year. The question must beg, why is this happening?


One such loss is a large enough tragedy but for this to continue to happen is really unacceptable. Is it the organiser’s fault? Should there be more police there? Are there laws we can change? Who is looking into these events and trying to prevent them happening further? But whilst laws can be handed down to try and curtail how you behave and what you ingest, its ultimately up to your conduct and the choices you make. I have found if there is a will there is always a way.

Choices in life seem innocuous but are powerful and can lead to cascading events. A split second either side of an event can have lifelong consequences.. To make matters worse your decisions have more power and force to change things when you are younger. They seem to have more energy, and a bad decision in your younger years can have a 40-50 year consequence.

I have written earlier that your body is the only vehicle you have to transport you through this thing called life. And life is challenging. Life will naturally put obsacles in your way, so complicating matters with bad decisions will not help. Without your health you can achieve nothing. Go to a local hospital to find that one out.

Ask yourself. Does what i am doing now have implications for my health in the future? Do the short term benefits outweigh the long term gains? Will my friends be there for me when i have serious health problems if something goes wrong?? Remember you have the power and choices to influence your fate. Your body is a machine. Don’t water it and it overheats like a car. Put the wrong fuel in it and it runs sluggishly or not at all. It breaks down. Just like you choose what fuel to put in a car, so can you put the right or wrong fuel in your tank.

The tragedy of the situation os choice. Better decisions can create better outcomes.

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