When finishing doesn’t mean its the end.

We have all been there. A friend we know moves on to a distant land. The opportunities to see them diminish and there is a hint of sadness.

This can also happen in relationships, career and financial situations.

But it is important to also sit back and look at what you have gained from your interaction, rather than what you have lost.

I recently had this experience with an Irish friend Larry who had been over on a working holiday and had decided to leave. I had a feeling for a while that this was the best thing for Larry, and i think he did too. Does it mean that it was an easy decision for him? No. He had built a life here with his friends. It is not easy for me as well. I lose the feeling of close proximity to a friend.

When people leave it is easy to be sad. As i said goodbye to Larry on the Saturday night of his going away party i knew this was the right thing for everyone. I was thankful for meeting him. Why? Because he had brought his friends into my life, giving me new experiences, i had worked and socialised with him and he had been a travelling buddy. But more so i knew that the decision was right for him.

Towards the end of the night, time to say goodbye

Towards the end of the night, it was time to say goodbye

Sometimes in life the right decisions are not always the easy decisions.

So the principle is if someone or something leaves your life its important to take a holistic view of what you have gained, and not just lost. I had the benefit of meeting new people through Larry. I now have a travelling partner to the soccer World Cup next year and a specific reason to visit Ireland. I will not be in regular physical contact but i know that this is the best thing for all so it’s also a good feeling.

The same principles can be applied to music. When a door closes, if you lose a residency or your record company drops you, think of what you have gained from the experience. If you do this and apply it to your next interaction, you will be better prepared. And be a happier person.

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