What to do when you are out of flow?

Hi y’all,
I was talking to a friend of mine the other day who commented he had been on this website. And that I had not been posting of late. I love writing, so sometimes it feels very easy and flowing.

But what happens when you get out of flow? What happens when lethargy takes over, or the bigger picture becomes involved. When things happen in your life that really make the maintenance of a blog seem small and inconsequential.

It means you are out of flow and i have done a lot of looking into this. Life does happen and not only good things but undesirable circumstances as well. That’s the thing we call life. One minute you are up, the next you are down.

Life is in a constant state of decay. Nature is doing this for you in a way. Your body is decaying all of the time and regenerating, cells die and are replaced.

The reason why the home renovation business is so big is because houses, like humans, decay if not looked after.

So sometimes, in order to make light of a confusing situation, we need time to breathe. To work through our feelings of confusion, lethargy, sadness and happiness. But never to push these away as they are an important part of yourself.

If you are in this state, it is a natural state and a state that is encouraged by nature. What seems like fighting and randomness of atoms on a cellular level, is part of a whole bigger more structured form called the human body. Realise this, and you realise the process of life. We cannot go through life without a state of confusion and resolution because these times are the times of highest growth.

I went travelling. In fact it was great. It opened my eyes. My music was being played over Thailand. But I then needed a break. The higher forces led me to go internally and take a deep introspection of my life. I met people who helped me do that. It’s not comfortable. But nothing hard ever is.

So the news is that I have a new release with A+E which is coming out shortly and a feature on Brock and Ryan’s Australian made. Things are happening. You can be out of flow and still maintain some momentum. But other things also take a hold. And that is life.

More to come,
All the best.

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