What price for your fans?

Recently I have been trying to reach one of my favourite DJs.
I realise these guys must get a fair bit of heat. And I am the first to recognise hard work and persistence. That’s what it takes in any industry, not just music.

Two emails later, and a Facebook message later.. silence.

The last straw came when i gave this guy my CD with full artwork for free. And I later heard it was left in the DJ booth.

I am not too precious. But it does send a precedent. Will I continue to support someone who has disregard for me?

Will I pour energy into something and get nothing in return? Why should I? It seems needy and all I get will be desperation in return.

Now I will focus my efforts elsewhere.

Never underestimate what a bit of time and patience towards your most trusted people, your fans, will do. They are your core business.



  1. Keep the fans engaged!!

    • I like your engagement John!!

  2. yeh you are pretty good at keeping me entertained lolololol


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