What do you want?


I heard a good quote yesterday.

If you go into Starbucks and order a coffee you have to be specific on what you want. When you order you know what you are going to get. You want a Cafe Mocha with cream in an extra large size. This is what you get (hopefully).

If you are vague with your request, unsure of what you are going to order, you will not get anything. How can something be provided if you don’t know if you want tea or coffee? Only when you put your order in specifically is there certainty about what you get.

Remember this same thing with life.

What do I want? For everyone to enjoy my music. I want people to enjoy the physical release of “Waiting Around Here”. A lot of work goes into this and it is great seeing people get benefit out of it.

The physical release can be bought here

Be mindful of what you want!
Much love,

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