What can we learn from Markus Schulz about dance music?

I recently stumbled upon an excellent guest editorial by Mr Markus Schulz. A man who has been around the dance music scene for a long time, he offers some valuable advice about the industry which can crossover to life. Read the article here:


Why do i like his points? Because they ring true.

1. Carve out your own identity:

With the marketplace so crowded nowadays, its important not to follow the crowd. I have tried to do this with my Live @ 125 sets. Try and find a sound that best suits you. If you are copying a sound you are already doing what someone else has done, and unlikely to make an impact.

2. Patience is a virtue:

In this era of wanting everything here and now, it is often lost that the laws of the universe still remain. Be patient. Nobody gets given anything easily, life does not reward those who have not paid their dues. The guys at the top of their field have been doing it for decades and have usually just outlasted the competition through perseverance.

3. It pays to be part of a community:

Learning and values are shared, making it easier to go places. Safety in larger numbers. Anyone want to collaborate? Happy to hear what you have got and work towards a common goal.

4. There’s an art to collaborating

When i have collaborated it is always important, as in life, to respect the other person and their way of working. But to get enough input from both parties to make a telling contribution. My A + E collaboration with Adrian Butinar has spurned numerous tracks and it is always an interesting learning experience seeing how somebody else works.

5. Touring is harder than it looks.

Long waits at airports, away from family and friends, sleep deprivation. As with any job, things can get tough. And it is a job for those who do it full time. Paid to do what they love but an innate pressure to perform to the general public.

6. If your not doing what you love, it’s not worth it.

Possibly the best point. Passion and purpose give life some meaning. This should be the same principle as with any job. Find something you love and chase your dreams because life is too short waiting for Friday to come along and a paycheck.

So i found this article useful. Did you?

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