What are you doing differently?

Did you know that humans crave new experiences.
It reinvigorates then mind, keeping us stimulated and in contact with the flow of life.
However the modern lifestyle has told us to get into a routine, participate in mind numbing repetitive work as part of a societal “norm”. Save for retirement, tow the line, lack individuality, follow the crowd.
Soon you get bored and wonder why your life is disappearing around menial work.
We are goal seeking organisms. We need to feel the need to be continuing to develop and grow. To learn.
So do something different. Even if it is take a different route to work, read a new book or do something that you have been fearful of doing.
This way you will develop into something greater each day.
Try to write a baseline in a way you have never written before.
Change environments, mix things up a bit, go to different studios.

Let me know how you go and ask questions if you need.

Best regards,

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