Vision for the Elton Smith blog…

Not so long ago i was speaking to a friend of mine Rosie about my blog. She is experienced in the corporate and government worlds. My dilemma was how to provide useful content on my website, and to be of specific value so i can help people, whatever that may be. I am sure, i quipped, people don’t want to know what i had for breakfast, what time i took the dog for a walk, or which festival i attended.

So with some brainstorming we came up with a few ideas. My specific areas of interest are helping people develop and succeed. Being a trained physiotherapist with a pain management and neurosciences background, i am aware of just how powerful the mind is, and over the years have been looking into this area to specifically improve performance. The more i look into it, the more i see that the mind is very powerful influencer of success.

We decided that it would be beneficial to share the information and education which has helped me improve as a DJ and EDM producer. This could be anything from videos i find on motivation and success, to more technical videos on production, to marketing and strategy to increase profile. Thus people can track my progress and it can be a template for fellow DJs and producers to follow. I would like to get other people’s experiences of what they have done to improve success and performance as well.

Let the journey begin! It’s exciting!
Elton xx

P.S Big thanks to Rosie for helping me out.


  1. Congrats Elton! What a great new angle for your blog. Might I also add a big thanks for your generosity in attributing our conversation as a helpful part of the ‘change’ process. I’m wrapped to read this. In my experience, it’s the very expression of gratitude, the willingness to acknowledge the contribution that others make to your journey and the process of passing on (again generously) your story and learning, is what speaks of true success, plus…(and in response to your question above) ‘Getting Uncomfortable’! Again, great stuff on the new vision.
    Ps – and top strategy using my name in your blog… It made me read this twice!! Lol

    • Thanks Rosie. It was great you could give me some ideas for the direction of the blog. Much appreciated! Watch this space!!


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