Trust the process.

I am going to start writing on the run and make observations as I see them.

One today that I found is trusting the process of life.

Sometimes life does not work entirely to plan. How boring if it did.

I am in Bandung Indonesia writing in a very big American food chain store. Not somewhere I would normally choose. But I have caught 2 busses, no one speaks English and I am trying to find a gym recommended to me.

I would not have thought I would be here. When I start getting frustrated I just try and breathe and think of how lucky I am to be in this situation. Are you thankful or resentful?

Things went well yesterday. Not so well today. But it is all because everything is working that there needs to be balance. So take the good with not so good (notice I did not say bad).

Have a firm idea on where you want to go and you will be lead there. And don’t worry about what happens. It’s part of the plan.

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