The true power of thought. Read this and get what you want!

Hi all,

Ever wondered what the true power of thought may be. I will give you an example.

I bought a laptop bag yesterday, and under normal circumstances I would be happy with my purchase. But I had an element of buyer’s remorse.

I love my laptop. The purchase felt right at the time. But travelling means you need to be somewhat frugal with money. Seventy dollars at home would not be that much of a worry.

As I purchased this from the Apple shop and left the shop, guilt surfaced. Had I looked around the cheaper malls? Was this the best product and best bang for my buck so to speak? Seventy dollars can get you a lot in Thailand.

I happened to need a backpack so I ventured to a different mall.

But guess what I stumbled into there? The biggest array of electrical/laptop accessory shops ever assembled (it seemed) in the entire world.

Only then I realised that as I was worrying over my purchase, I was feeding my subconscious mind full of the thought of laptop bags. And of course thats what I was lead to find.

Ever bought a car and thought it was exclusive? Then drove out of the dealership and happened to see 20 others in the space of a kilometre. It’s the same example.

It’s an interesting phenomenon.. the lesson in it. Always feed your thoughts of what you want, not what you don’t want. The thought you hold will always manifest as a physical match of itself. It’s that simple.

If you keep thinking you cannot make dance music then guess what? You never will be able to make dance music. If you keep thinking that you never get gigs and that all the big jocks are lucky with all the contacts then guess what? All the big jocks will continue to get all the gigs and you will be left with zilch. Change your thinking. Think of the gigs you will get in the future. Think of the great music you will make and the kind of music you will make. Do everything you can to fill your mind of positive images and sounds that you like and are influenced by. It works.

Thoughts are powerful. Use them to your advantage. Why not think about what you want. Thinking about what you don’t have has shown to make you unhappy. You are always reaching for something just outside your grasp. Thinking about what you want gives you hope, and if you do it enough, there is a good chance it will come true. Or something just as good. You never always get what you want in life, but you get what you need.

Try it. You might be surprised.

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