The road to Kazantip. Day 0.

Well I am on the road, chasing the beats of electronic music. This time, and seeing this is a music blog (though sometimes philosophical and travelling as well), I thought I would document a little on the process and adventures that I encounter.

I have a feeling I do not know what will happen. I didn’t even know it was still on. I emailed the tour operator and no-one seemingly got back to me. So I just decided to follow my intuition and go to Sihanoukville. To “see what happens” so to speak.

I did not really want to leave Phnom Penh. I had developed some good friends at the guesthouse, at the boxing stadium and felt comfortable in my environment. But all things must come to an end. And I had to keep reminding myself “this is what I came to do, good or bad”. You see our minds are not really ours. They are just a set of programs downloaded from the outside world. And a lot of the time they will try and convince ourselves out of something. I bought a ticket at the bus stop and was prepared. I left at 7:45 am.

One of the last sightings of my hat

It is also funny how we can forget less than ideal circumstances. I remember the bus trip i took 6 months ago as being a long trip through the capital, stopping for seemingly hours to pick up everyone. I realised this again after 2 hours when we went past the airport. Only 15 minutes from my Guesthouse. We then sat in a traffic jam where we literally did not move for an hour. All part of the fun. No-one seemed to mind. Except the westerners.

The bus was packed. There were little plastic seats shoved in the aisles to accommodate the Russians (and others) who paid $4 more than me for the pleasure. I sorta felt sorry for them.

The packed bus no 1.

The packed bus.

The packed bus no 2.

The packed bus.

I felt sorry for them.

The Russians..I felt sorry for them.

It was a 7 hour journey. I felt a sense of deja vu in stopping at the same restaurant as last time along the way. I ordered a chicken curry and did not get sick. I was thankful for that.

Previously at Sihanoukville bus stop I witnessed a fight between 2 Khmer guys with batons. No such luck this time. I did lose my hat though. For which I was quite upset.. I got a ride with an affable guy on a motorcycle to the guest house region. I shacked up. I made it. It was about 3 pm.

Personally there would be other places I would rather be. It has a strange vibe here. But it is by the sea. I keep getting asked for a tuk tuk and dope. It can really get on your nerves especially at 10am in the morning or when you have just come back from the gym.

I am still not sure what this festival will bring, how long I will stay or what will happen. It is shrouded is secrecy in a way. Maybe that is the mystique of it all. No-one seems to know anything here. That’s typical though.

Signing out.


  1. Ride the whirlwind, Elton. A lot of people don’t do a lot of things because they listen to their anxiety, instead of letting themselves be free. Rock that gig man.

    • Hey Seamus.
      Yes I find the mind a fascinating creation. As I am sure you appreciate it as well. Why would it be saying something that ultimately is not the best for you? Trying to keep you safe. But safe is not living our lives is it? We can lock ourselves in our house, cook 3 meals a day and live till we are 80 but is that a life? But yes it would be safe.
      My mind was trying all types of tricks. But I hope everyone can do this. Smile, thank the ego for the reminder, and continue what your destiny or your heart says. How do you know? Well I wanted to rock this from the moment I saw it it was in Cambodia. I wanted to get here. So i looked back at that, and knew i had to ignore the short term warning from the ego. I still don’t know what will happen. But that is life right? Its unpredicatable.
      Deep. But I hope people can learn lessons like this.
      Cheers for the comment


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