The road to Kazantip. Day 1. Wtf?

Well I am nestled here in Snoukey Ville in a cloud of mystique and intrigue regarding the famous (or infamous it is now regarded by the authorities) Kazantip festival.

The day started (and ended mind you) well. I find that I hit a city and want to find a few things first. A good place for food, a cool place to hang and some cool people. So today was that day. In full recognition that the festival would start and I would get there today.

I hung out and had myself be reacquainted with the sights (see picture). Ate and chilled by the beach. Wrote a blog post. Ate again and read. I was still finding it hard to get and type of real information on Kazantip. Even getting to the island was going to prove difficult as I didn’t exactly know how to get there and almost all of the drivers here just nod and say “yes yes”. Once you are in, it is in the lap of the gods where you end up (see story below). But it’s a fun adventure.

Sihanoukville's sights. It's clear why I want Kazantip to be on.

Sihanoukville’s sights. It’s clear why I want Kazantip to be on.

I had made it through the heat of the day and decided myself I would go to the so called “Russian Bridge”. A bridge connecting the mainland to the private island the party was being held. For this I would need a motorbike. I have already seen 2 motorbike accidents during my time here (1 day). Add to the one I had myself in Kho Samui. I am wary. But it’s the only way.

In itself this was a struggle. No one had them. I finally got one but had to go to another shop with another young guy on the back of his bike. As we wheeled out, I saw three guys, two of which carried yellow hard briefcases which doubled as stereos. They had writing on them “Kazantip”. The first signs of life. I hurriedly asked the guy to stop.

I talked to these young Russians. They said the party was starting tomorrow. “Why?” I said. They just shrugged their shoulders. I didn’t argue. At least someone else had come to the festival and knew a little more than me.

So I ditched the motorbike idea. And felt a sense of frustration. What was I to do now? Should I have gone to see for myself? There aint much to do in Snoukey.

I met a tuk tuk driver the night before who told me of some boxing gym in the town. I went to the same place he told me to meet him. His mate called him. He was pissed. Chinese new year apparently.

One guy did take me on an adventure through the fields to a gym run by a French Martial Arts guru. It was such a cool space. Badminton, gym, boxing ring and mat area. Really well done. I did MMA for the first time. There was no Thai kickboxing today (funny the wrong information again).

No Kazantip? Lets roll around hugging and grappling men.

No Kazantip? Lets roll around hugging and grappling men.

On the way back the motorbike guy decided that I must have found a hotel in the middle of nowhere. As we kept driving into isolation i told him repeatedly it was not the right way. He smiled pleasantly. It added 20 minutes to the journey. His petrol not mine.

Seng Wei, running Eclesia records who have released a number of my songs, is planning to come to Kazantip. He pointed out an article in the Cambodia daily saying it had been stopped by the police and the bridge to the island blocked. It has also been reported on (big ups to Benny McCarthy). Lastly, and gloomily, this same information has been posted on

I am renting a bike and going to the bridge myself.
I need to see.
I need closure.
Wish me luck.


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  1. Sounds like you’re having an amazing time anyway. Waiting with baited breathe in the outcome! Ferk I’d love to be there as well!!!


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