The power of collaboration.

Hi guys,

Some interesting things happened on the weekend. One of those made me realise the importance of collaboration.

I had breakfast with my friend Doron in the morning. You may know him from the excellent photos he takes of me. After not seeing each other for a long time it was good to catch up. Invariably music came up as a topic as I discussed the album I was working on at the moment.

Without going into details, the important point here is I was willing to listen and I was able to gather information to use for my project and enhance my learning.

Use all meetings as a potential for learning. In other words, don’t let the ego get in the way and be a sponge for everything. It does not even have to pertain to your particular project. Advice comes in many shapes and forms.

When I started production, the learning curve was steep. I still learn every time I sit down to make some music. But what I found after a while was that I plateaued. Learning the intricacies of a skill takes a lot longer than the core basics. However I am always willing to listen to people when they give me advice. In fact I want to collaborate MORE!

Anyone can learn to kick a football. But it can take years and years of practise to bend it like Beckham.

Another friend I caught up with in the evening gave me a similar creative advise. I realise I am not the best at photography or creative digital media so i am willing to listen. She was able to give me some creative direction and by being open to this, there is some momentum going forward on this project. And I learnt something about the thought processes that one goes through to develop creative media.

So the whole point? Never be afraid to ask for help. You cannot learn skill by just watching. You have to do it and do it. Over and over again.

Want to be better at production?.. Yes do the reading but put it into practise after you do.

Often my Ju Jitsu teacher will demonstrate a technique and it will look so easy. However when the process comes to actually doing it, the reality is different.

He has honed his skills over many years of practise and action. Don’t be afraid to try something new and expect to fail until your skills are good enough. It is not good enough to be just shown, you then have to do it yourself.

Most importantly I believe you have to collaborate to get to the next level of improvement in any endeavour. And it is a lot of fun developing skills with other people. But you have to be open.

Until next time,

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