The masters do it so easily.

I will keep this one on the topic of music.

Keep moving

I have recently started watching Groove 3 videos. A tutorial series for music production. It offers excellent value and I encourage everyone who is interested in production to get an all access pass. $100 for an all year pass and access to some of the best information of how to improve your game.

There are some pretty good producers there. In particular I like Timothy Allan. He is entertaining and really knows his material.

This is the point I want to make. Study is really important. In fact, I neglected it for a long time. Some useful tips and information can literally save you hours of time. It also give you inspiration.

But for improvement this is not enough

You then have to go and implement.

Because the masters have practised and make it look so easy. They have spent hours and hours on their craft.

I get inspired and believe I can replicate the technique. However if it is a new technique I will often fail. Many times.

The masters make it look easy.

The same with my Jui Jitsu teacher. He will show a technique. And it looks easy from afar. But when it is time to practise the technique, very few master it straight away let alone implement it in full combat. That mastery is a result of 10 years of training.

So the take home message. Learn. And then practise. If you want to be good.

If you want to be like most people.. you quit. That’s ok too.

No-one is born a genius. It takes practise. And a lot of it.


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