The importance of networking.

Howdy y’all,

Well Rome was not built in a day. And it was not built by one person either.

Sometimes you need feedback, sometimes you need moral support, sometimes you just need a friend. If you are in an industry be aware that everyone has a coach. Even the best tennis players in the world have coaches who travel with them.

Who is in your supportive network?
Are they giving you the positive encouragement and nourishment that you need. Negativity effects you as brings you further away from what you desire.

As a comfort challenge you should try and build up a support network of people who have skills you wish to emulate and meet once a week. It will help push your skill set upwards.

Try contacting 5 more highly skilled or successful people you admire in the industry. It is amazingly easy and most are accommodating.

Remember Rome was not built in a day. Come back to me with results.


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