The benefits of working for yourself.

1. Don’t have to fight through morning traffic.
2. Can get up however early or late you want.
3. Give yourself the best part of the day instead of to the boss.
4. Save time by not being forced to talk about the weather all of the time.
5. Stop reading useless emails.
6. Stop reading emails just to look busy.
7. Watch that youtube video without trying to hide it.
8. Don’t have to prepare lunch the night before.
9. Have lunch with your partner instead of yourself.
10. Don’t catch a venerable disease from the guy coughing snot next to you on the train.
11. Don’t have to do Human Resources “CORE COMPETENCIES” every year.
12. Can go to the gym.. anytime.
13. Have snacks at your fingertips.
14. Get away with flirting with strangers instead of getting fired.
15. Enjoy your own money.

Any more?

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