Thai Boxing in Thailand.

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Make love not war right? Well considering the lack of love life at present, I thought I might make some war in a ring instead. So as I am in Thailand I thought I would go to a Thai boxing gym and seek some lessons and an experience.

Now from my post on neuroplasticity we know that learning a new skill requires deep levels of practise over long periods of time. I arrived in Hat Jomtien and the first thing i noticed was a flyer at the accommodation stating “Thai boxing for fitness”. As it turned out the gym was only one street way. As was the beach.

I went to the gym early in the morning on the 19th. Tucked away to the back of the street, there was a large open air gym and boxing ring. I was met by a very pleasant chap Jean Marc who was the proprietor.

He explained to me his history. A former Muay Thai boxer himself of French-Israeli background, he had fought and promoted around Thailand over the years. Now 60, he had opened the gym since February, a dream that he himself had forged into existence by helping with it’s construction.

Meeting my Muay Thai and Hapkido trainer Jean-Marc.

Meeting my Muay Thai and Hapkido trainer Jean-Marc.

I explained my purpose for visiting and he proposed a lesson in the afternoon. A Self-defence street fight lesson followed by some Muay Thai.. bring it on.

The Thai Boxing training gym

The Thai Boxing training gym

I arrived at 4:30pm. With the help of Jean Marc we got straight into it. We learnt a myriad of techniques. How to break holds, block punches, break fingers, disarm guns and knives. It is amazing how simple biomechanics can be used to disarm and render useless a would be attacker. Good core strength is also a must. It was also obvious that Jean-Marc, despite his years, was strong as an ox and knew his techniques. He was throwing me around like a wet paper towel and patting me on the floor like a rag doll. I learnt a lot. But also know that it would take a lot of repeated practise to learnt the techniques.

We had finished the lesson. Jean-Marc runs a gym so i asked if I could stay. I watched as two heavier guys then got in the ring and started sparring. Whilst I was doing weights, I was invited into the ring where we did more holds and core work. Jean-Marc explained when you are getting kneed and punched in the guts, it needs to be strong. I can see his reasoning. So we did sit ups while our partners bashed us on the stomach with a focus pad. Concentration is a must because if you relax at the wrong time, you get a painful reminder.

All in all a great experience. I went back yesterday and we did more of the same. This time i was asked to spar with a French guy named Silvestre. He taught me a lot. Kicking, punching, blocking. It is very addictive.

All in all a great experience, one i wanted to share with you.

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