Take a step back.

Have you ever made some music and hated the process. Thought you were getting no better. And hated what you have produced?

The process of making anything is tedious. It involves meticulous attention to detail which often requires laborious repetition.

So much so that you can get sick of the product. You hate it, then scrap it.

But this is just an adaptation of the brain. There are many things I have left for a long period of time and come back to with a fresh sense of purpose. I have even caught myself wondering if I was a better producer three years ago. The result was a lot better than I had remembered it to be. This is the reality. But often you can’t see the reality because you are so caught up in the process.

After a rest it is easier to find areas for improvement. When I send a track for critique, I often cannot understand the criticisms. To me, and my reality, the track is perfect. For an outsider with a fresh perspective, their opinion is often more based on reality. They have not heard the tune as many times as you, so can give you a more objective viewpoint.

Take a rest. Do something different. And come back to the process over a layoff. You might be surprised.

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