“Stuff” seems to have an energy. Being surrounded by “stuff” seems to have an energy.

Recently I went travelling and survived with a mere 11kgs of luggage. Many people commented on how little I had. However never did I feel I did not have enough.

I really like this quote:

We buy things we don’t need.
With money we don’t have.
To impress people we don’t like.

Assess every item you buy. What is the initial outlay of it? Can you afford it? What is the ongoing cost of repair and maintenance? Do you really need it? All “stuff” takes energy to maintain. Will it sit around and look good but depreciate in value, clogging up space in your house, while you expend energy maintaining it?

The solution? Have less “stuff”..
I honestly like the minimal lifestyle. My theory is that the more “stuff” you have, the more this pollutes good clean energy in your mind. And that energy is hard enough to maintain let alone anything external come and passively pollute it.

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