Recently found myself.

On Discogs.
It’s cool that people update websites like this. All my information was correct. Thanks!
But it also highlighted. I have to get some more music off my computer and into your ears.
I am currently working on an album which I am eagerly waiting to finish. These things I have realised though you cannot push.
I have learnt to relax and not get too frustrated that the process is not happening quickly enough. Because I want you to be able to enjoy the music.

Relaxing the body from all tension tends to help. Focussing on the breathing brings you into the moment.
In the meantime there is A+E’s huge track Cobra going to be released on June the 8th. Who is looking forward to that?

Remember if things are not going your way, breathe. Relax your body. And put it into perspective.
It helps.


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