Options paralyse.

Recently I had a funny experience whilst at a shopping mall.

I went during the day when most people do not go shopping.

Thus there was plenty of free parking.

This brought it’s own set of tricky circumstances. Too many options. They were endless.

Should I park close to the exit for easy access out? Should I park outwards or inwards? Then there were the shopping trolleys. I wanted to avoid them. And the Toyota 4wd. I could not decide.

It got me thinking. What happens when the options are limited? You take the first available space. The choice is made for you. Your mind does not second guess you.

“You are not the mind, you have a mind”.

A few years ago the same thing happened with my production. I had too many things to choose from. I had so many plugins i did not know what to do with. I even had a choice of music programs to choose from.

And the same thing happened.

I was paralysed. I did not know where to start.

We often try to make things more complex than they are. Music is the same. Especially dance music. It is a series of sounds moulded together in 3 broad spectrums. Highs, mids and lows. It is based heavily on repetition. You can actually use the same elements over and over again. But somehow we complicate things.

Simplify your life. Have less options. You’ll be less confused.

Elton is a DJ/Producer and Physiotherapist. You can find his debut album “Waiting Around Here” at www.eltonsmith.bandcamp.com.
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