Not to be missed. Some words of wisdom from Jack The Bear.

Hi Y’all,

Yesterday I was fortunate enough, through the Ableton Live User Group in Melbourne, to listen to Tony Manz, aka Jack the Bear to talk us through the processes of Mastering, his career, and what it takes to run his Mastering suite, Deluxe.

Jack the Bear.

I must firstly say props to the Ableton Live user group. Run by Ben Murphy and Tom Spencer, every month they show up at the Channel, Arts Centre Melbourne, with a really interesting night. It often includes anything ranging from technical production, music theory, gear reviews and demos pertaining to Ableton (notably the push) to the creative processes required to make a song. There is often more than one speaker. It is a great environment to meet like minded people who have a passion. Electronic music.

Yesterday there was a plethora of information and I left the free event truly buzzing and inspired by what i originally got into music for. Meeting cool people and creating art.

Firstly there were other speakers. Greg who took us through interesting ways to manipulate samples. And DJ Jane Elizabeth Hanley from Kids at midnight. Jane talked us through her creative processes, songwriting and how she makes her synth based electro ballad romanti-jams. You can check more out here.

Tony’s talk at the end of the night resonated with me. It was a piece of motivational and spiritual gold dust.

I will have to paraphrase what he said. But I did jot down some notes. Here they are:

Why are you doing what you are doing? Think of why you are doing what you are doing. It’s all possible
One day we might get paid, money is the value we bring to other people. Do what you love doing. Keep doing it. Find your passion. You might have to do extra jobs to support yourself in the interim. It was a long time before i could support myself doing what i loved doing full time.
Just do it, as long as you just do it. Don’t give up on it.
It’s like the white rabbit syndrome. Greyhounds chase the white rabbit around the racetrack. They won’t get it but they keep doing it. They love it. You will never get the white rabbit because it is always out of reach. Just when you get something you want, you want that little bit more. It’s always out of reach. Life is designed that way. It’s ok. Just accept it. You, like the greyhounds, need to keep going.

Be certain why you are doing it. Then you are more relaxed and there comes an inevitability. Knowing you will end up where you want. You will get what you want. The more in flow you are with what you are doing, the better results you will get. Be relaxed.

There is no pot of gold. Be in the moment. We need renegades to step out of the comfort zone. Who knows what you think is shit might be the next big thing. Trying to please everyone is useless. Don’t second guess. The thing you think is bland might be the thing that takes off.

Don’t live in regret of a life that was not lived. Of not having a full life. It’s a lifestyle thing. I could have made more money but i focussed on lifestyle. Focus on the 1’s and the 0’s will follow. Eventually someone will talk about you. Someone will do the shouting for you. Word of mouth is more effective. Be true to yourself.

These words really resonated with me. Sit back and absorb them . It is not for me to say how you interpret them. Just use them in your own way. And find your purpose. The rest is secondary.


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