My Kiss FM experience and notes from the day.

Hi folks,

Today I was fortunate enough to venture into the studio at Kiss FM today to play a set from 3-4 pm. I included in the vast majority of the set my collaborations with A+E, some remixes, and originals. It was an interesting day, one I enjoyed as I seek to expand my horizons and improve my productivity. I made a video in the preparation for the gig which I intend to put up soon, just to give everybody an insight into the preparation that I do prior to a gig. I developed a similar one approximately 12 months ago but have not got around to editing it on my slow computer. I intend to put this one up ASAP.

What I learnt from today
1. Usually you need to restrict the amount of time you give yourself when preparing for such gigs. I gave myself the morning of the gig to mix down some original songs, prepare other songs and organise my USB sticks. I could have spent all week preparing if I had let myself. Usually we get things done when there is an end date on a project and a time restriction. How many times do people leave things until the last minute? Why do all workers do a 7.6 hour day? And then get things done in that time period. This added time gave me more time to do other important work during the week like finishing my songs well enough to play.

2. Enjoy the process. Today i decided not to over prepare, and take my time getting to the venue. What happened? I was more relaxed, i enjoyed the experience, and i was mentally prepared to play records. I spoke better on the air, and got some nice feedback. I enjoyed the process of before, during and after and savoured every moment. Live in the moment, knowing you have prepared for the future.

3. Clean the house makes for a more mentally vibrant me. I woke up and was in a strange mood. Then I realised I was so tired last night I did not clean the kitchen or house before bed. This clutter effects your mood. Even just on a subconscious level. Be minimal. Once I cleaned up, I felt better and was able to be productive.

4. Play your tracks out. If you don’t, why would anyone else? To paraphrase Mark Knight from Toolroom Records, play your tracks out and then go back and fix what you don’t like. Only when you are 100% satisfied with your results should you then release a track. This is so true and maybe something I have not done so much in the past. There are a few things i want to change about my productions as a result of playing them out. Be 100% happy with what you produce. Saying that I don’t believe everything should be so perfect every time. YOU just need to be happy. Not everyone will agree with you. It’s the nature of the game.

So here are a few things I learnt. I hope that provides some value to you. Please get in contact below if you have any comments to make :)

Elton Smith is a DJ, electronic music producer, blogger, thinker and dreamer. He is focussed on helping you get more productive and enjoy life more. Contact him below for further information :)

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