Live in the present.

Life is busy. We all know that. What comes with it is a multitude of things to do, distractions and the ensuing stress.
What we forget to do above all is live in the present. Our brains are good at doing this. Why?

The present is very uncertain. Nobody knows what will happen. Careful planning can’t predict the roadblocks you will encounter on your journey. So the brain dissects the past, trying to deconstruct events to make the present more predictable. As an evolutionary effect it is addicted to negativity because that is where the more damaging things come from.

So lets say something is not going well. The brain takes you from the present and looks over the events. Maybe if I did this right, or did x, y and z I would have had a better outcome. However the reality is the present situation you are in and nothing change that. The only way to be truly happy is in the present. Yes you can learn from your mistakes, but only by accepting and living in the present moment can we appreciate life. We forget all of the beauty that surrounds us now, the people who are great in our life now and the things that are great in our life now.

The same goes for the future. Trying to look into the future can be troublesome. How many times have you heard “i can’t wait for this day to be over”. Why? It’s a day you will never get back in a finite period on this Earth.

Remember, as macabre as it sounds, every day is important, but one step closer to the end.

I have the feeling I cannot wait for the A+E release on the 8th June. Do I wish it was here? Yes, but I am not wishing my life away in the interim.

Meditation is a great way of bringing yourself back into the present. Focussing on your breathing, inhalation and exhalation.

The present. Why escape it when really it is all we have got?


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