Life, like music and the world cup, is a matter of inches.

Hi all,

Well the world cup has been and gone. I watched very few matches, but the few I did were generally great in their standard. World class performers, playing at the absolute elite. Did you know you can be world class as well?

The German winner was a brilliant display of skill and finishing. It got me thinking. What a wonderful experience for these young men. But professional sport is a tough environment and they have earnt it.

But how different it could have been. Life, like anything, is about choices. Your life is working at present because of the choices you have made. In the great amphitheatre of life.

One split second either way could make a difference between winning and losing. Between triumph and failure. It was so evident in the final. Disallowed goals, Messi missing by inches which he would normally score.

Sometimes we cannot avoid how the ball rolls. But with maximum effort and desire, you can full fill your part of the equation and let life fill in the details.

I am still buzzing from the experience. I am wondering how the players felt. I could almost tap into the energy and imagine me playing, the feeling of everyone watching. Now can you transfer that energy over to realising how good it would be to play to tens of thousands of people?

I suggest you do this. Keep dreaming.

In the end there are winners and losers but I hope there can be some perspective. A great spectacle, high energy and the realisation that life can be pretty much a matter of inches. You have to roll with it.

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