Life.. isn’t it interesting?

Hi there,

Do you wake up and ever wonder what the day will bring today?

When travelling I will always encounter something different. Today I came into Bangkok thinking I would have three days to rest and relax before heading to Cambodia for Kazantip.

I arrived at my hostel. Now before I booked my flight I took due diligence. However I could not find visa stamp. There was a stamp on the departure card with only an arrival date. I even asked locals and my friends to look. So I assumed (expensive assumption), that it was 2 months and I could leave on the 11th February (as I arrived on the 11th December 2014).

So I arrived at the hotel in Bangkok where, as I handed over my passport, the lady miraculously found my visa stamp behind my departure card. I never thought to look there. I was shocked to find out that if I stayed longer I would be overstaying my welcome.

Life has some funny twists and turns.

So I woke up today expecting three days in Bangkok. Now I am going to be in Cambodia. Isn’t that interesting.
I look at it this way. I was lucky to come in on the 8th, and it is something that was lucky to have found out in time.

Life is uncertain. We don’t know what will happen from minute to minute. But that makes it interesting right?


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