Life is fickle.

Every day I see how fickle life is. Consequences from road trauma, health issues or family crises.

The pool

Yesterday I was crossing the street. I saw a car turning across the traffic into the street. I walked a little faster to avoid it. The lady behind me did not. She assumed that in the dark, the driver could see her. She was a tiny lady in dark clothing. As I kept walking I heard a huge cry from that same pedestrian. I turned around and the car was literally centimetres away from her legs.

One split second more and her tibial plateaus would have been crushed, resulting in a painful surgery, months of rehab and a permanently painful knee. These don’t get better.

One split second that could change a persons life. Forever.
Would that alter your perspective?

Would your job be as important?
Would you value your family more?
Would you have more leisure time?
Would you be less hard on yourself?
Would you worry about what other people think about you?

Would something like this put life into perspective?

You don’t need t have a life changing experience for you to answer these questions. Just a deep introspection. What is really important to you?

It is important to ask because life is fickle.

Don’t put things off. Know that the story of life is ever changing. It can’t be counted on to be stable. Forever.

But don’t forget to live the experience as well.


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