Letting go.

Let me tell you about a theory I have currently been testing out. It was originally modelled on technology and the frustrations that come from being a computer musician. This is what I found. When things are not working, and I mean really not working and you can’t seem to get things moving, it is best to leave the situation and return. What I have found is often when you return, the outcome you desire will happen immediately. This has happened so much with me with technology. It also has been applied to other areas of my life.

I once had a voiceover I had to do for my radio show. I could not for the life of me get the recording to happen. I was frustrated. But I remembered that important something. Leave it and come back to it. One more day will not matter. What happened when I came back the next day? It worked immediately.

Maybe it’s refreshing the mental energy and starting again. Even though it is a day later or you lose time in that regard, you actually save time in the end. Because you don’t mess around trying to make things work when you are not in the right headspace. You can do other things in your life.

If a song is frustrating me I will do the same thing. Do something completely different and come back to me. With a fresh sense of purpose I am able to easily come back to the project later.

I had an experience like this yesterday. I had some important documents in my passport that i had to send to the electoral commission. I didn’t vote and was going to get fined (I thought we lived in a democracy?). I had done some music and was about to head out the door to earn some money when I realised I did not have my passport. I looked in my bags and could not find it. Cue a frantic rush against the clock to make it to my destination whist being able to find my important documents. I was getting more and more stressed, I realy love my passport especially after my last adventure. But alas I checked my bag over and over again. Nothing.

Then I just remembered the rule. It’s not the time. The passport will come to you when it is time. You need to go in another direction and restart the process with the documents. I can live without the passport for a day and re do the letter I needed to hand write.

Now this is the strange thing. I was at a cafe the following day. Tired but after I had completed all of my work, a sense of relief purveyed and I felt better. My mind wandered to the passport. I calmly opened my bag and it was there. I was flabbergasted. I had literally searched every inch of my bag left right and centre the day before and it was literally in front of my nose.

I like to look at this as a lesson. The passport came back to me at exactly the right time. At exactly the right place.

I have done this with music as well.

I would encourage you to feel this. If you are feeling frustrated it is time to let go. You will conserve a lot of energy.


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