Learn from a 3 legged dog.

Howdy folks,

So I was away on the coast escaping the warm weather that we are enjoying here in Melbourne along the surf coast. And this is what i tweeted on the Saturday after I saw what i thought was a pretty amazing animal do a pretty amazing thing:

“Just saw a 3 legged dog jump into a huge swell fearlessly. The lesson? Go for it, don’t let fear or obstacles hold you back #inspiration” @Djeltonsmith

Now doesn’t this teach us something? This thing was fearless. And it was a tiny little thing, no bigger than a Jack Russell. But it leapt into the roaring sea in search of its goal. A ball. And guess what? It did not complain. It didn’t say “oh i can’t be bothered, i will do it tomorrow”. It did not look like it had a grudge to bear. It looked pretty happy to get on with life no matter what hardships it had been dealt. It searched out a goal. And guess what? It got it! It had single minded determined focus and a “can do” attitude. Wow imagine what we all could do if we had that mindset. Some people do, some don’t.

In the end we all should… we might just get the ball we are looking for in the big sea swell.

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