Just turn up – some tips to gain positive momentum in music.

As with anything that requires constant effort, it sometimes is a drain to know you have to turn up.

But consistency is the key to success. And knowing that every little effort does make a difference in the grand scheme of things. But you have to have a scheme. A purpose.

Life should be thought of as a book of credits. You have negative and positive credits. Everything you do right results in a positive credit. Everything you do poorly results in a negative credit. Successful people have more positive credits to themselves and can thus accumulate their success.

And one of these positive attributes is turning up when required and putting in effort when you think you have none left. When you are clear on your objectives, opportunities will present themselves but you have to give yourself more positive credits by being reliable.

This means responding to emails in a timely manner, giving reliable and accurate information and having a positive energy about you in your interactions with people.

I suggest turning up for all appointments as well in a timely manner.

If people feel you are reliable they will do business with you. Think about it, will you continually frequent a shop if the customer service is poor? Of course not, there is plenty of competition elsewhere to take your valuable custom. It’s the same for music. It’s a service based industry. You provide a service, whether that be DJing, audio engineering, songwriting, music production. Now the question is, with so much talent around a customer can go anywhere. What will differentiate you from the rest? Your ability to be reliable, friendly and non-judgemental. To provide a good service. To show up. To give accurate information and not upset or distress your customer. That’s what.

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