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So what is everyone doing today? I had a visit from a friend yesterday and we discussed a very interesting topic. Starting and finishing something. Many people want the right conditions and everything to be perfect when the truth is no time will ever be perfect. The best time to start was last year. The second best time is right now. That’s a Seth Goddin saying. We also cannot connect the dots going forward, only backwards. So when you want something you have to create it by going out in blind faith and getting it. No-one can prepare for the road bumps, the life events that are so unexpected you don’t know where they came from. It just happens. Almost to test your faith in what you believe in. Because when you want something no-one is just going to hand it to you and say “oh great, you want this to improve your lifestlye, for your sense of achievement, great, lets just give it to you”. No it does not seem to work this way. You have to push through the barriers and maintain focus and determination. So don’t worry too much on how yo are going to get there. That will be taken care of with life. Know where you want to go and be open to opportunities that come your way. If you don’t know where you are going, you may miss that very thing that was sent to help you.

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