How good is your product?

Howdy y’all,

I just wanted to take a good look at what we are producing in life.
How good is your product?
Are you proud of it?
Has it been supported by anyone?
Is anyone buying it?
Why is it not blowing up? Are you only asking your friends for feedback. Most will say it is great when it is not just so as not to offend you. Get some industry advice. People vote with their feet. If there is no re-emgagement your product is probably not good enough.
Does your marketing need improving?
Who is helping you and is your mindset open to receiving new ideas which may potentially change the game for you this year?
Have you looked at your goals and are working towards them?

… this is coming from personal experience. My sound cloud plays are down. There is no real engagement. People have come but have left.

… i am asking myself all these questions

My product and marketing need improvement.

What needs improving in the game of life for you?


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