How do you do, Mr RedFoo?

Howdy folks,

So i was doing a bit of late night Sunday shopping at Crown Casino when I noticed a stir. A palpable lift in the energy of the room. However i had my back turned towards this new found buzz. Naturally i was inqusitive so I turned around to have a look.

And guess who i saw walking through the foyer of Crown Casino? It was Mr RedFoo from LMFAO. Now the Australian tennis tournament is on and as he is currently dating Victoria Azarenka (a pretty good tennis player i hear?), he is in town to support her. No sign of Victoria though. Dammit.

As you can see, Mr Redfoo was excited to finally meet Elton Smith.

As you can see, Mr Redfoo was excited to finally meet Elton Smith.

Now he did attract a crowd. And he had a lot of people with him as well. No bodyguards which was cool. Not being one too much for celebrity, i was just going to walk on by but could not resist. I went over and got my camera out.

First thing i noticed this guy is really tall. Tall people must get that a lot. Melbourne’s dance music producer Kultrun is 6 foot eternity and he gets it commented on all the time. So i won’t dwell on it much longer. Just to say he was tall.

He had a throng of people with him so i got a lady to take a picture who was in the crowd. She had a kid with her so not sure she was in the official support crew. And of course, right at that moment Murphy and his law did strike. A flat battery. It’s all in the preparation folks, i just didn’t know i was going to get my photo taken with the Foo man. He walked off thinking he had met his obligation. But i had not got my prize and was determined.

What struck me about the dude was he walked slowly and was accommodating to all who asked of his photo. Including me, twice, if you count the failed camera attempt. Ah the I phone never disappoints. Only in its quality of its photos maybe. He must get asked a lot. He actually did a video for some kids giving them a homie shoutout. He was good at that. I thought that was cool. He was obviously in a good mood after meeting me.

For the little time he was there it was a curious experience. Mr RedFoo was out on a Sunday night and could not walk the foyer of Crown without being accosted. And this guy three years ago was (I think) little known. Its been a tumultuous rise.

I got talking to some of his support crew following behind him. I got talking to one guy who wrote music and snagged a photo of the 2 dancers that were in Party Rock Anthem (see below). They have been on the TV a lot when Victoria Azarenka plays. I remember watching Party Rock Anthem at my friend Mike Deville’s house and it is amazing how athletic the dancers were. Check out the end of the video.

Myself and the dancers from Party Rock Anthem.

Myself and the dancers from Party Rock Anthem.

As you can see, the guy i met really was in the video for Party Rock anthem.

As you can see, the guy i met really was in the video for Party Rock anthem.

So celebrity. Lots of people want to be famous. But just remember with fame comes annoyance and an element of responsibility. No walking in Crown inconspicuously anymore. No more just walking down the street. No more going to the tennis for some relaxation. No more going to the corner store in yor pjs and hair undone. No no that will be on the front cover of some sloppy magazine, with the headline “Friends say he is spiralling out of control and destined for rehab”. Righteo. I handle that stuff ok, so should you.

What do you think?


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