Erotic massage in the male toilets

Hi y’all,

Thailand never ceases to amaze me. I was having a quiet drink in a fairly nice hotel in Pattaya listening to a three piece cover band. Their repertoire covered Eric Clapton, Celine Dion and Bob Marley. There was a beautiful Thai lady as the lead singer and am guitarist and a drummer. Added bonus was the American funniest home video runs on the TV where I would invariably start howling with laughter at random times. The funniest were the dogs.I wonder what the band thought.

Let me make this clear. It was 9pm and I was sitting right in front of a fan. It is hot. So beer tastes pretty good.

With consumption requires the after effect of extraction. So off to the toilet I went.

On admission, there was a nice Thai gentleman waiting. I paused and then realised I might have to pay entry. So I got my wallet out and said “pay”. He looked at me confused. There were a bunch of white towels sitting next to him.

Ok so he is probably like the guys who gives you after shave when you have finished like back home. So I proceeded to the urinal.

Where the Thai man followed me. I got my wee boy out and waited for the magic to happen. At which point I felt a warm towel drape over my neck and the man starting to massage my shoulders. Pretty well for that matter.

This was a bit strange. And as an adjunct, because it was not the norm, my mechanics were not really working. But the bloke persisted. Across my shoulders, down my spine. And the trickling was nowhere to behold.

I mumbled something like “I cannot go” but I doubt he understood. He reached for my neck and without a word of warning did a standing manipulation to the right which cracked so hard that he himself let out a “oooh”. Now I had started to flow but was getting a neck manipulation at the same time. The left didn’t come to the party.

I was confused but my neck felt good. True to form he helped me was my hands. I gave him a tip. He smiled at me and I gave an awkward look back.

I departed, thinking “only in Thailand”

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