Have we gone too PC?

Last night I happened to stumble across the best of the comedy show Fast Forward. For those of you who don’t know, it was made in the early 90s and had some fairly crass sort of humour. But it was what i call Australian humour. Able to have a joke at oneself, our culture or anyone else.

One particular Indian rug maker sketch really caught my attention. The character were shonky Indian carpet dealers. As the extent of the dodgy dealings were coming to the fore, i was laughing uncontrollably.

Then something came over me. Was this what they called the “good old days”? It was ok back then to have a good laugh at yourself on a Sunday night. Or at the expense of someone else. Without causing anyone to get upset.

There was an innocence about it. It does not happen now for fear of offending. I take my mind back to when Harry Connick Jnr stormed out of the light entertainment show “Hey Hey it’s Saturday”. This show was always a vehicle for some light hearted entertainment.

Maybe we need to lighten up, treat people with respect, but not take things too seriously. We are taking our corporate ideals and bringing them into everyday life.

Being fearful of saying something for fear of being berated is not free speech. There has to be a happy medium.

Bring back the good old days?

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