Gig summary @ Oasis Room, Nah Trang, Vietnam.

Hi Guys,
Last friday night, the 17th October, I played a deep house set at Oasis in Nah Trang. Some of the photos are included below.

A little snap of me Djing at Oasis bar.

A little snap of me Djing at Oasis bar.

Elton DJ shot @ Oasis

It was an interesting experience and I learnt a few things. It is always important, when playing away in an unfamiliar environment, to check the equipment before you actually perform. The Denon decks I was unfamiliar with so I went down to the venue to sound check before the gig. And just the best I did. There were other numerous “issues” to iron out. One of the volume faders on the mixers did not work properly and the play button on the right side of the decks was faulty.

These were not insurmountable issues but were things that taught me a valuable lesson. Would
I be able to sort this out if I had not come down earlier and in the midst of the pressure to perform? I don’t think so.

The moral of the story is preparation. The better prepared you are, know the setup even if it is not yours, the better chance of success.

Do you agree?


  1. Damn right mate! Preparation is key. I can refer you to a specific event, in which you also played at, in the inner suburbs of Melbz where the main room wasnt set up properly. Volume was terrible and for this opening DJ was an awkward experience at trying to make a shitty system sound good.

    I had a similar experience in Thailand too where i was able to jump on the decks. sadly, this time i was the one who was unprepared and only had one usb stick for CDJ 350’s! haha

    All good experiences though.. and that is what its all about. Not about the one press posing… but its about the joys and experiences you gain from incidents and being a diversely skilled DJ.

    • True mate. Thanks for your post. What i failed to mention was i went the night before and try to play but the system was so terrible i had to abort. A real wake up call to when you are playing in unfamiliar circumstances, you can’t just rock up when you have 6 minutes before your next song comes on :). It was a great learning experience though.


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