Gig review.. Eclipse gig @ Open Studio.

Hi all,

Well last night, on my way home i noticed a murmuring in a small bar in Northcote, Melbourne. For a Tuesday night there were a lot of people. Acoustic instruments were being set up. So i thought.. why not. I felt like listening to some music and this seemed like an ideal opening.

The gig was aptly named the Eclipse Gig touted as “An evening of feminine song, dance and poetry as the dark moon eclipses the sun”. Sounded good to me, i like to get in touch with my feminine and mystical sides. Artists on show were Jessica Isgro (who I unfortunately missed so i will have to leave out of the review.. apologies), Melody Moon, and Tyto. I arrived as Melody was setting up.

I paid my $5 entry, very reasonable for a nights entertainment and with proceeds going to the artists, well worth it. As i went to the bar i noticed they had warm, mulled wine. Yum, already i was in a good mood.

Melody had herself singing and playing acoustic guitar, Tyto playing backup vocals and the violin, and a man in the corner playing a cool upright bass (a sign maybe). Melody explained she has been working on her new album, due out soon, and gave us a taster. She sang in a soft, articulate voice and her words soulfully speaking to the guitar she strummed. The three piece seemed to gel well, even though as Melody pointed out they had not practised much together. You can tell Melody played through her songs with attention to detail and warmth. Her music could be described as warm soul music, with no percussion. I was impressed.

After Melody had finished there was belly dancing. Night was getting better. Liliana Flower amazed us with her pelvic rotating, gyrating moves. Tyto stayed on and to my amazement started playing the bongos like a champ, as well as her violin. A further performer amazed us with a traditional instrument which she played like a violin but rested on the floor. It sounded like a traditional middle eastern instrument would and gave Lilliana adequate groove to really get her hips shaking. Traditional finger cymbals were added by Liliana. From going home, to this.. what a great find!

To my amazement Tyto stayed on. Involved in all the acts. Wow!

Tyto then started beatboxing! . And making songs on the fly. She would record a beatbox loop into her machine, whilst singing and producing rhythmic harmonies over the top. She later explained she could pitch her voice up an octave to create a backing vocal effect. Tyto impressively sequenced her own bass by humming, which literally rattled the speakers. Every time she did it my face smiled. Once a dance producer always a dance producer. That would make Photek proud. She delved into political, social issues, hurt, love and everything else, whilst rapping, singing and making her own beats. One particular song of a political nature was Australia day pride. You can find it here She even casually asked if she could borrow an acoustic guitar and played that. I counted Tyto played the bongos, acoustic guitar, violin, lead and backing vocals, beatboxing and able to use technology to loop her creations and use effects.

At the end of the gig she announced she had some little cards with her detailing her website address. I got up there pretty quickly and we talked shop, especially about her looper. I told her how amazing it was she played so many instruments and she said “All music has the same fundamentals, so once you get one it is easy to switch. It is just like switching from Ableton, to Cubase to Logic”. I replied, “I think you are simplifying things just a tad”, thinking to myself if I had cubase in front of my I would not know where to start.

Lastly there was poetry. A guy who was sitting next to me called Arnaud and whom i freely conversed with throughout the night, got up and just blew the crowd away. The words flowed freely and the dialect was well structured about a friend in Norway. I don’t think anyone quite knew what this friend or otherwise was to Arnaud, but obviously it was an intense and special relationship.

So i had a great night. Please support the artists at and



  1. Wow!

    Thanks fir the positive feedback Elton!

    It was lovely to meet you last night, I’m on my way to check out your tunes now!

    I felt that last night was a really lovely atmosphere and the crowd really helped us all to lift the vibe in the room, it was so gooood to feel supported in our creativity!

    I hope to see you again around the traps, let me know if you ever need some harmonies ;D

    • Thanks for having a read Tyto, it was a pleasure meeting you last night. I did think the crowd was very receptive and created a great, intimate atmosphere. I believe that atmosphere was fostered by all of the performers, and you were in every act!
      I would be keen to get you in to studio Smith and lay down some harmonies if you had some time. Let me know :)


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