Getting out of a studio rut.

Hi everyone,
What do you do when you get in a rut in the studio? You just can’t seem to finish songs, get anything done. You go around as if you are punch drunk. It’s just not happening and you want to give up. Here are a few tips to help you through those times. Because they are going to happen. It’s called the experience of life.

We only see events in this world, that is the end products to our processes. But what people do not realise is that the event is the finished product of what is often a very long process. A process that takes years and years. We come into this world a rough diamond, and through the process are moulded into a perfect stone (if you follow your purpose). But that can take years to foster. So it is important to realise this and be patient. Nothing happens overnight. Be persistent.

It is important to take breaks. As with anything, sometimes a good break away from what you are doing really energises you. It clears a mental space for you to come back and recommence your project. It’s a clensing of the mind. And your ears get accustomed to the sound and their threshold for hearing reduces. The sensitivity of perception reduces over time with added exposure to music and you are more prone to mixing errors. So take a break. It makes physiological sense.

Clean your space. Have a nice working space. It clears your mind and lets your mind be free from distractions. This also pertains to your arrangement. Colour code your arrangement. I arrange percussion in pink, synths in blue, vocals in purple and effects in yellow. An organised project is a good project.

Have a number of projects on the run so you can leave one project and come back to your original. Your ears will be fresh and pick up little nuances you did not know existed. I did this recently on a vocal remix i was doing and it worked wonders. I was a lot more efficient when returning after a small break.

Write down your ultimate goals. This will give you motivation into why you are doing what you are and refocus your mind into action. Try it, it helps.

Do you have any other tips for getting out of a rut?
Leave your comments below if you do.

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