Getting deep.. How a little change in philosophy can change your outcome.

Hi guys,

So I was dinner and I came upon an interesting concept. I began eating my food in a particular way. The main course was in front of me. My bowl was behind the main course with the rice at the back. It was inefficient. I was obviously unable to eat my food properly with the bowl I was supposed to be eating from behind the plate. It was clumsy. As in the photo below:

Eating inefficiently.

It was so inefficient I decided to change the orientation of my dishes. I did this almost instinctively.

How about I put the eating bowl in front of me and push the plate with my vegetables to the back? Like below..

Change your philosophy a little bit and get great results.

Common sense right? Yes, it was common sense. And guess what? When I did it, it revolutionised my gastronomical experience. I was able to eat with more efficiency and enjoyment. But as I sat there and pondered, I wondered, how can this lesson be valuable to me or to you? How can the lesson of poor planning and a simple shift in technique to maximise efficiency be helpful?

Although I changed the orientation of the bowls instinctively, how often have you changed a process at work when you know it is inefficient? How can you maximise your efficiency with one small change of behaviour or habit pattern? How can one little change in philosophy or habit turn into a winning formula?

You see Starbucks did not invent coffee. They just twisted the philosophy of coffee into a chain of stores to add value to the experience, and thus became successful.

The iPod was one idea that revolutionised the game for apple. One small change in the way we listen to music. One big revolutionary change to mankind.

None of the big DJs today invented dance music. But they did put their own philosophical version on it. And how did they do it? One small, different tweak of the synthesiser, one different groove pattern. That extra bit of learning, going the extra mile. One change in philosophy.

BTW one should always eat fried ice-cream when out. It’s great.

Fried icecream.

Is there one small thing you can change that will elevate your game to a new level? I am interested to hear so please share below.
I am interested in your success.


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