Follow your heart – The Robert Babicz story.

For anyone into electronic music, Robert Babicz is a name that is deeply embedded in the culture. He is a music producer, mastering engineer and live performer living in Cologne, Germany. He is well known as a live performer where he will incorporate synths, live equipment and improvisation in every set he plays.

I have seen Robert twice on these shores. His sets are always interesting and varied. Both times he has started clubbier and housier and ended with an acid/minimal vibe.

Below is Robert giving a TED talk. I am a massive fan of these talks and urge you to watch even if you are not a electronic music fan.

I hope you watched it. Robert relives his painful childhood with sincerity, where he was abused by his father and his first of memory of synthesised music on the radio. From there he spells out a path to his current success. Always following his heart. He recalls his first gig, “I did not know what i was doing but it was fun. So much fun it changed my life”. When his parents wanted him to study, he knew what was right for him and followed what he thought was his destiny. He was forced to move out as they would not support him but he continued to follow his heart and let destiny play its role. When he did this, the universe gave him things like support and money from benefactors who believed in him, because he believed in himself. You see the world is not going to give you anything if you don’t want it badly. Why would it? You would not appreciate it enough. Thats is why Robert was able to succeed against the odds.

As he says, “I love sound above all else. Without an educational background but with intuition. When a problem occurs, i may first become desperate, but then i follow my heart”.

I must admit i have been guilty of listening to other people in my life and letting them influence my decisions. But what is right for other people may not be right for you. Only your own internal dialogue can tell you. Every time i have listened to my heart it has been right. Don’t let fear hold you back, because doors open up when you follow your heart.

As Robert says right at the end, “What i want to show you is that i listen to my intuition and do what my heart is telling me. And i wish you do the same”.

Well said.

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  1. Hi Elton –
    Thanks for the review. I love Robert’s work. So full of love.


    • Thanks Jay. I found it a fascinating talk. And it emphasised a message we can all learn from!

  2. Agreed totally. Just read this article somewhere and it also points out the same thing.,31742/?ref=auto

    • Agreed Tina. Follow your dreams and do what you love doing. Nice article!


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