Feeling self conscious? People don’t give a f*&^.

Hi all,

A little note as I sit here making a video film clip on a tripod in a cafe in Koh Tao in Thailand.

Now I set my camera up on a tripod and plugged my headphones into my laptop. I put my latest release on and bopped away, arms flailing to the music hoping to capture some magic. Did I? Possibly….

But as with everyone I was self conscious. Who is watching me? What will they think? And you know what. No-one even cared.

A bunch of 4 girls in front of me could not have been less impressed if I had paid them. The staff at the cafe looked like they wanted to join in. And I achieved my aim. Shooting a scene in paradise.

The same yesterday when i was shooting in the street. In fact, two lovely young ladies stopped me and asked to be part of it. I duly obliged and it was fun. I met new people and had a cool experience.

Maybe it is time you took some risks. It’s better to blow out and know than not try at all. The biggest regrets I have had in my life are the things I have not done, rather than what I have.

In essence. People are too worried about themselves to even remotely care about what you are doing. Unless it is office politics. People seem to care when there is money involved.

I hope this helps you.
Take action now.

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