Fear.. How is it holding you back?

Howdy all,
I just wanted to offer you a paradigm, a way of looking at life.

Fear is often a lesson wrapped upon an event itself. The thing you most need to do. When i leave my house to drive to the train station, there is a very tricky intersection. I dread coming to this intersection. It is a busy 2 way street, and not only do i have to cross it to turn right, but i have to cross both lanes to make a quick sharp left almost immediately. To add to the difficulty, there are traffic lights on the road before i turn left and a driveway out of a school that is often busy with cars dropping children off for school.

As i approach i dread this turn. I often wonder about turning back and finding an alternative route. Fear often overcomes me. What if i never get out and am stuck there forever? I will miss my appointment! Everything and anything goes through my head.

But then i shout.. STOP!! No such things have ever happened. Worry has never served any purpose because worrying about something that has never happened is wasted energy. It’s fruitless.

Have you ever had something big to do, but let your mind, your ego talk it out of you? Then you later regretted it. Sometimes the mind has a conversation of it’s own volition, even uninvited by ourselves. Have you ever had that? Who asked for it’s opinion? Thank it for the reality check, but realise that the mind is not you. You are the mind. And you have choices to make even though they are uncomfortable. Like crossing a busy intersection. They are often what is best for you.

What do you think?


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