Elton Smith presents Live @ 125 April 2014.

Hi guys. Here is a selection of some of the finest quality house music for April 2014. Like what you hear? Join me on twitter @ djeltonsmith, or leave a comment on Facebook at www.facebook.com/eltonsmithmusic. You can keep up to date with me on my blog at www.eltonsmithmusic.com where i talk about all aspects of life, not just music.
Find these cool tracks below!

Elton Smith presents Live @ 125 April 2014. by Elton Smith on Mixcloud


Never You Mind (Original Mix) –
2.Together (Original Mix) –
byMoe Turk
3.Roads! (Original Mix) –
4.Wanna Give You My Love (Mark Lower Remix) –
5.Sweet Babe (Touch & Go Remix) –
byThe Tone Ranger
6.Remember When (Haze-M Remix) –
7.Reign (Original Mix) –
byFrame of Mind
8.What It Takes feat. Tony V (Original Mix) –
byMarco Tegui
9.Feel the Way I Feel (Original Mix) –
byAndre Plati, Sugar Hill
10.Sly (Original Mix) –
byPhil Fuldner
11.Funky Blaster (Original Mix) –
byMike Newman, Antoine Cortez
12.Like It More and More (Jesse Oliver Remix) –
byDeep Lark

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